President Obama: On Syrian Refugees,U.S Will Take Its Part


After nearly five year of civil war in Syria white house is trying to take some action towards resettling Syrian refugees. Just about time Mr. President.

Finally white house responding to the Syrian refugee crisis!  President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. was committed to doing its part in the international effort to help resettle Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in that country, but said it may not be possible to solve without addressing the festering Syrian civil war.

Speaking to reporters during a meeting with Spanish King Felipe VI, Mr. Obama said the two leaders had the opportunity to discuss the migrant crisis which has gripped Europe in the recent months.

“We agreed that this is going to require cooperation with all the European countries and the U.S. and the international community in order to ensure that people are safe, that they are treated with shared humanity and that we also may have to deal with the source of the problem which is the ongoing crisis in Syria,” Mr. Obama said.

“I discussed the fact that the U.S. feels it is important for us to also take our share of Syrian refuges as part of this overall humanitarian effort.”

Mr. Obama last week directed his administration to accept up to 10,000 refugees, a significant increase from previous commitments.

This News comes after europe struggle ‘s over mounting migration and humanitarian  crisis.


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