Did Hassan Rouhani Finally Managed To Unlock Sanctions With His Magic Key?




By: Khatereh Noorshid

Despite human right issue which remain’s unsolved in Islamic republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani and his team are enjoying the Europe tour and signing juicy deals with European countries such as Italy and France etc.

After removal of sanctions and releasing Iranian assets from international banks, Hassan Rouhani and his team started shopping around first stop was in Italy, An Italian government source said the Iranians would sign up to 17 billion euros ($18.4 billion) worth of deals in sectors from energy to infrastructure and from steel to shipbuilding.

Second stop France to sign another big contracts for instance announcement of the signing of a set of lucrative contracts between Iranian officials and French companies, worth billions of euros. Among them was a deal struck with Airbus for the purchase of 118 new commercial passenger planes.

The car manufacturer Peugeot also signed a contract with the Iranian car company Iran Khodro for a joint venture worth €400m. French oil company Total also signed a contract with the national Iranian oil company to buy crude oil. Iran is adding an extra 500,000 barrels per day to its exports following the lifting of sanctions. The construction firm Vinci also signed a contract to develop Tehran’s main international airport.

Although the subjects for Geneva deals with Iran over its nuclear issues was never published in details but one could guess America and its allies needed to get their hands on Iran’s market directly, of course now Turkey and some Arabic countries which made billions of profits during Iran’s sanction, have started the propaganda against recent economic ties between Iran and Europe.

Having said that, Iranian oppositions are among unhappy ones too, their main concern is that opening new avenues for Islamic Republic could undermine Human right issues and freedom of speech and mainly could strengthen present regime.

Despite recent demonstration in Paris and some other European countries all we hear in News are about “new chapter of our relationship with Iran’s regime” handshakes and big smiles from both ends.

Only weeks before Iran’s Parliamentary elections, seems like Rouhani managed to unlock all the close doors with his magical key, and 37 years of freedom fighters work in Iran goes all down the drain.


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