Jewish Leaders and Rabbis Plan To Boycott Donald Trump at AIPAC



By: Khatereh Noorshid

Perhaps Donald Trump is at the end of his ambition to be the resident of white house after all. Since he started his presidential candidate meetings he spared nothing but hate speech, and as these public meetings are carrying away it proves even he has his own so called “ supporters” but the world is getting worried every day to see someone like Donald Trump gets I to the White House to lead the world.

Groups of rabbis and Jewish religious leaders are planning to protest Donald Trump’s speech to a major pro-Israel conference in Washington on Monday, accusing the presidential candidate of encouraging hatred.

According to CNN International, Trump is scheduled to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference Monday night, and several groups are organizing boycotts of the speech.

Two rabbis has organized a campaign called Come Together against Hate, a play on the conference’s theme of “Come Together.”


David Paskin and Jesse Olitzky , and their allies have created a website and Facebook group to organise a protest that they say is not designed to disrupt AIPAC but to signal their condemnation of Trump.

“This is not about policies, this is not about parties, this is about one particular person, Donald Trump, who has encouraged and incited violence at his campaign rallies,” said Paskin, a rabbi in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. “We are against the hatred, the incitement of hatred, the ugliness that has engulfed this political season.”

It is been said, Many participants plan to either skip the speech altogether or silently walk out after Trump is introduced.


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