U.S claim seized Iranian Arms shipment heading to Yemen



iran2For the third time during past 30 days the crew of a U.S. Navy ship stopped  Iranian arms shipment likely were headed to Yemen to help people to defend themselves against Saudi attacks, shipment contained AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

The seizure, which unfolded in the Arabian sea on March 28, was the third of its kind in recent weeks, military officials say. Iran has been supporting Houthi fighters in Yemen in their proxy war against a Saudi-led coalition backed by the United States to kill Shia minorities in Yemen.

The arms shipment appears to mark the latest provocative action from the Islamic republic according to the Pentagon.

On Friday, President Obama said Iran was obeying the “letter” of its landmark nuclear agreement with the West, but not the “spirit” of it.

Perhaps what United State means is that to support people of Yemen, is against spirit of agreement signed between Iran and the west.

The Navy said the shipment included 1,500 AK-47s, 200 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and 21 .50-caliber machine guns.

One should ask the Navy officials why they are talking rubbish, people in Yemen are killed by Saudi’s and if this is a coalition led by United State, then someone should criticize  United State for selling arms to Saudis for this mass killing.


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