Mass Burial of Tsunami Earthquake Victims in Palu

JeeMagazine:  According to the latest news update by Indonesian Officials ,A total of 53 victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Palu, the capital of Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province, were Buried in a mass grave on Monday, October 1.

This video of the mass burial at the Poboya Indah Public Cemetery, eastern Palu, was shared by Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

BNPB spokesperson Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said mass burials were necessary after the disaster in order to avoid the spread of disease, the Jakarta post reported.

The death toll from this disaster had risen to 1,234 people by October 2, Sutopo added.

Rescue efforts were ongoing. First responders were still working to reach areas heavily impacted by the earthquake in Donggala and Palu.

 A Tsunami flooded costal areas of Palu,  after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake shook central Sulawesi. Credit: BNPB Indonesia via Storyful


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