About us

سخنی با خوانندگان 


JEE  International Weekly international Magazine is a phenomenon. We published our first addition in Tbilisi- Georgia April 2013. We are the first multiple Persian magazine in Georgia. Our aim in publishing our offline and on line magazine in three languages is to close the gap between people; since we live in multicultural society we realized a need of a new approach to our readers . we hope
We hope international and domestic companies all around the world in time to realize the rich market the great Iranian community all around the world can provide.
When considering advertising within the Iranian market, you deserve the best. We look forward to your business in Javanan-e-Emrooz Magazine.
Since our publication distributed over the internet, as well as on paper magazine; online modelers who don’t routinely buy magazines won’t hesitate to read Javanan-e-emrooz. We expect in time that we’ll be reaching almost every online readers worldwide . Since we have many articles in each Javanan-e-emrooz; issue can be linked to by web sites, blogs, as well as passed around by email and facebook. We expect to have a steady stream of modelers downloading past issues or posting links to past issues – giving us an ever-growing online reach. If you advertise with us, you can ride along as our reach continues to grow in a viral marketing* manner.
Having paper publication ads alone can’t deliver instant results because they’re offline. That’s why Javanan-e-emrooz offers you on line readers all around the world to complete an action, our readers can go straight from your ad to your web site, resulting in instant sales! With Javanan-e-Emrooz Magazine, your business growth possibilities are endless, and your financial reward potential is infinite. You can reach every Iranian household through Javanan-e-Emrooz Magazine, and considering our immensely competitive rates and multitude of benefits, we know you will invest in your business and join our family of success.