biggest cause of bloating could be stress


researchers are discovering the biggest cause of bloating could be stress. Activities which help to reduce stress levels can also help to decrease bloating, leading to the appearance of a flatter stomach.

 Bloating can be cause by many things including eating reheated pasta, drinking city water, and hormone fluctuation, just to name a very few.

Although IBS ( Irritable bowel syndrome ) can cause the stomach to be oversensitive to diet, stress, bacteria, and hormones, some experts believe that most often those symptoms, which cause bloating, are due to stress.

Some patients have often reported that although they have always had a sensitive stomach, the issue has gotten worse since the experiencing of a stressful event.

People understand the connection between their state of mind and the impact it has on the stomach. An example would be feeling butterflies when one is nervous or stressed, awareness of the link between the brain and stomach could change the way for treatments of most patients in future.


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