Downing of Russian Su-24 by Turkey

By: K.Noorshid


Only less than 2 week ago Turkey was Hosting G20 meetings and veladimir Putin was in Turkey and it was look like Unites State and Russia agreed on joint force attack on ISIS in Syria.

On early hours today breaking News on 24th of  November, Downing of Russian Su-24  by Turkish air defense was a shocking News and perhaps a turning point in Russia -Turkey relationship.

The downing of the Su-24 military plane was a “stab in the back from allies of terrorists,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Tuesday, Russian media reported.

According to President Putin Turkey had no reason to attack the plane, since the downing of the plane occurred despite the agreement with the United States — Turkey’s partner in the international coalition — designed to prevent this type of aerial incident.

The president said that the plane was attacked when it was 1 kilometer away from the Turkish border and landed 4 kilometers away from it, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported.

He said that the incident will seriously impact relations between the two countries. Russia had previously seen Turkey as not just a neighboring state, but a friendly country, Putin said.

Two pilot managed to leave the plane with parachute, reported shot by Turkman fighters.

Now we have to wait and see how Moscow is going to retaliate to Turkey .


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