Hassan Rohani: Saudi Arabia should take the initiatives to restore diplomatic ties



written by : K.Noorshid

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said restoring diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia was a priority, but that it was up to Riyadh to take the initiative.
According to the reports , Diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have been severed since protesters ransacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran following the January 2 execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr in the Gulf kingdom’s Eastern Province.
In an interview with FRANCE 24 during his historic visit to Paris, Rohani condemned the attack on the Saudi embassy.
He added “We condemned this action. Our responsibility was to find the culprits of the attack. We have found them, we arrested them. They are in prison,” said Rohani.
Although Hassan Rohani has said that around 100 suspects have been arrested following the Saudi embassy attack, the wrong expectation of media and public in France, for Hassan Rohani to make official apology to Saudis was very unfair.
Saudi Arabia’s attitude towards Iran and Iranians was very wrong and despicable in recent years from the latest incident such as rape reports of Iranian passengers during the haj to handling the bodies of those which have lost their lives in Mana incidents.
Saudi Arabia’s moves to cut diplomatic ties “were not proportionate to the incidents”, Rohani said, adding that the Gulf monarchy was “muddling the game”. “What is certain is that the country that broke off our relations must be the one to try to restore them,” he added.
Escalating tensions Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia supporters of Iran have cast a shadow on recent attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis in Geneva talks.

Iran and Russia back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while the Sunni Gulf states – particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar – have backed the Syrian rebels another word ISIS in the regent.
While both Russia and Syria’s Assad have accused Sunni nations of backing hardline Islamist groups, when asked if he thought Saudi Arabia helped fund terrorism, Rohani refused to be drawn into a war of words. The Saudis are “fellow Muslims”, he said.


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