Pyongyang announcement of imminent rocket launch




By: Khatereh- Noorshid

North Korea issues formal notification of plan to launch satellite – This will be a major breach of UN resolutions following last month’s nuclear test.

As the west flirts with Islamic Republic of Iran and sealing lucrative contracts, North Korea gets busy with new amusement show for Kim Jong-un

The 33 year old President, has issued a formal notification of an imminent satellite rocket launch, a further major breach of UN resolutions following a nuclear test last month, leading the US to call for the imposition of additional sanctions.

The International Maritime Organization said it had received a shipping warning from North Korea of its intention to launch an earth observation satellite between 8 and 25 February.

US officials and some media reports had previously mentioned rumors of which North Korea was preparing for a rocket launch.

Pyongyang insists its space program is purely scientific in nature, the international community views such launches as disguised ballistic missile tests.

UN resolutions forbid North Korea from any use of ballistic missile technology, and the UN imposed sanctions following the country’s previous rocket launch in December 2012.

If the notified launch goes ahead, it will be a particularly defiant slap in the face of the US, which has spent the past month seeking international support for tough sanctions on Pyongyang over its 6 January nuclear test.

The White House said any satellite launch by North Korea would be viewed by the international community as another destabilizing provocation by that country.

Daniel Russel, the assistant US secretary of state for Asia-Pacific affairs, said “the North is threatening to move in the wrong direction. It’s the wrong direction from the point of view of the international community.”

“North Korea is defying the UN Security Council, it’s defying China, it’s defying the international community to the detriment of regional peace and security, and to the detriment of North Korean people itself,” he said.


“This argues even more strongly for action by the UN security council and the international community to impose real consequences for the destabilizing action that the DPRK has taken, is taking, and to raise the cost to the leaders through the imposition of tough additional sanctions.”

Now all we have to do is to sit back and see when this hide and seek games between so called ” big powers” are going to solve north Korea.


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