Majority Of EU Leaders Support Sending Back refugees To Turkey from Greece


Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron talks to European Parliament President Martin Schulz (L) next to Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) during a European Union leaders summit over migration in Brussels, Belgium, March 17, 2016. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

By: Khatereh Noorshid

Europe Leaders have no sympathy towards asylum seekers crossing the boarders of Turkey in dream of better future.

On Thursday 28 EU leaders gathered in Brussels to draw a plan for the future of  more than couple of thousand people hanging around in Greek Islands and those who arrive almost daily to those Islands.

David Cameron, Angela Merkel, François Hollande and 25 other EU leaders arrive in Brussels on Thursday to prepare for talks on a migrant deal with Turkey. Turkey has agreed to take back any refugees and migrants who land on the Greek islands, in exchange for a restart on its long-stalled EU membership and the lifting of visa restrictions for Turks travelling in the EU’s 26-country Schengen zone.

European Union leaders approved a controversial deal with Turkey on Friday intended to halt illegal migration flows to Europe in return for financial and political rewards for Ankara. The accord aims to close the main route over which a million migrants and refugees poured across the Aegean Sea to Greece before marching north to Germany and Sweden…

It has been decided any illegal passenger crossing Turkey to any of Greek Island will be returned to Turkey. This law will be in place from Sunday 20th March 2016.

The EU leaders believe but putting this law inforce they could stop Human traffickers.

However, David Cameron was very frank about Britain “No free visa policy to Turks”. He says on Thursday that the UK supports the idea of sending tens of thousands of migrants back to Turkey from the Greek islands. Speaking in Brussels ahead of an EU summit on the migrant crisis, Cameron says the plan ‘was a good idea’ Send more patrol ships to turn refugee boats back to Libya, says Cameron.



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