Ali Khamenei:Time Calls for Both Talks and Missiles


By: Khatereh Noorshid


aliPerhaps is another strong Message from Ali Khamenei to the west and we should see how they will react to it.

TEHRAN —there are still talks about Iran’s missile program test on Wednesday 9th of March 2016, according to Reuters  Ayatollah Khamenei in an open discussion criticized Hashemi Rafsanjani a prominent figure who had suggested that in the future, negotiations were far more important.

Ali Khamenei in a meeting with a group of eulogizes and cantors on Wednesday, Defended the military’s recent tests of long range missile, which critics, particularly in the United States, say are a violation of the recently concluded nuclear agreement, Ali Khamenei, said that both negotiations and the testing of missiles were important to Iran.

Khamenei was actually referring to a comment posted on Twitter over a week ago by Akbar Rafsanjani, a so called reformist and influential supporter of Iran’s moderate president, Hassan Rouhani.

He wrote that the “world of tomorrow is one of negotiations, not the world of missiles.”


He added, “How can anyone say that the era of missiles has passed?” when our potential enemies continue strengthening their military sectors, furthermore what will happen in the face of possible threats from other countries.

Under the terms of the nuclear accord signed last summer, Iran was called on to “refrain” from testing missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons. In October, the United States issued sanctions against some businesses and individuals after Iran tested an Emad missile in violation of a United Nations Security Council resolution, which bans Iran from undertaking any work on nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.

Iranian officials say that under the nuclear agreement, it is clear that they do not have nuclear weapons, so the missile program is simply a part of the country’s conventional national security program, and no country is dare to cripple Iran like decades during first and second world war and surely Iran should be capable to defend itself in any possible attack on it soil.

I must say what has been said about Iran’s Long range Missile in west since 9th of March has been widely speculated by media.




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